Tourist information and guide to outdoor sports activities in Magaluf, Majorca.

As for outdoor sports in Magaluf; outdoor sports is a great day out and leisure activity for the nature lovers in Magaluf.

Cycling along the beautiful environment of the island of Majorca and Magaluf is the popular outdoor sports in Magaluf.

It is also one of the best things to do in Magaluf.

Karting Magaluf is also another popular one.

Magaluf outdoor sports for you:

Holidaymakers may enjoy the the landscape, the culture and the secrets of Magaluf by pedalling through its charming paths and roads. Magaluf and the island of Majorca offers great natural beauties and touring Magaluf and the island of Majorca on bike is one of the best ways to enjoy and discover the natural beauties of Majorca.

  • Mountainbiking

Roxy Bike Mallorca organises mountainbiking tours from the east side of the island. They will show you the beautiful scenery of Majorca while riding over singletrails and through Orange plantations.

  • Play Golf

There are over 20 golf courses on the island of Majorca and this shows it’s a popular sport! Take a break from the beaches or go to Majorca for a golf holiday! You can choose from the best golf courses!

  • Quad Riding

Jump on a quad and explore the island of Majorca! You can hire these fourwheelers easily and have a great day with your friends going to the best secluded beaches and riding through the inlands.

  • Hiking and Walking

Majorca is a beautiful island and there are many hiking trails and walking paths available. You can even choose to join a guided hiking/walking tour and explore the island with its great scenery and beautiful beaches.

  • Flow boarding

At the Wave House in Magaluf Majorca you can show you skills on flow boarding! With tese small boards the really good surfers can perform crazy tricks and you can even try to compete in the European Flowriding Championship!

  • Karting Magaluf

Karting Magaluf is a popular attraction and a fun day out in Magaluf especially for kids. The place operates since 1983. It also serves kids of 3 years of age and over to teens and adults.

Karting Magaluf Visitor Info

Address: Karting Competition S.A. ; Carretera de la Porrasa, s/n, Magaluf, Calvi√°

Tel. +34 971 13 17 34 ; Fax. +34 971 13 24 49