During the summer, nothing could possibly be more enjoyable and fun than a party on a boat. Unlike most parties that start at sundown or even much later in the Magaluf nightclubs, boat parties are rolling while the sun is up. Once the the anchor is hoisted and the captain sets sail, the boat party commences and everyone, everything is a non-stop revelry.

Drinks are overflowing from beer to cocktails. There are fun games to join or watch. And of course, what would a party be without dancing. And among these boat parties, one of the best in the world are the Magaluf boat parties.

Getting On The Boat To Get The Party Started

Magaluf Party Boat Barca Samba
Party boat Barca Samba

Magaluf boat parties are nearly second to none for those who are seeking the ultimate summer getaway. If you want something that would produce memories that last for a lifetime, something that would spawn stories that are retold over and over, it is the place to be.

Everything we mentioned above can be experienced on the Magaluf yacht that hosts the boat party. In fact, so famous and legendary is this boat party that it has consistently won awards successively for five years. Fun, merriment and celebration, these seem to never stop while aboard the Magaluf party yacht!

The quick description is as follows. You come aboard the yacht. You set sail on a cruise that lasts for about two and a half hours. While on board, you and all your friends get to drink and party non-stop. Of course the boat crew gives everyone the opportunity to cool off into the ocean. A more detailed description of the Magaluf boat experience is found below.

Non-Stop Celebration With World-Class Amenities

Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Party BoatThe first thing that’s really amazing about a Magaluf boat party is the venue. This is no ordinary boat or yacht. We are referring to a vessel that is two stories high and furnished with indoor and outdoor areas. Outside you can hang out with your friends and other companions while looking out to the sea.

Inside, everything is well-designed to get you into the party atmosphere. Aside from the complimentary drinks, the bar opens up and depending on arrangements you made, you will get to order all sorts of premium cocktails to drink until you drop.

Magaluf Majorca Sunset Booze Cruise Party Boat
Sunset booze cruises

While the seasoned captain and his well-trained crew steer and handle the Magaluf ship with much prowess, everyone knows the real driver of the boat party are the DJs. Some of them are real professionals at their craft and quite famous; many of them come from one of the world’s premiere party destination – Ibiza.

So you can just imagine how proficient these music virtuosos in setting the tone towards a fun-filled experience. The high-quality audio equipment ensures you will hear the music in all corners of the yacht.

And if you think the party has already ended once the boat trip has ended, you could never be more wrong. After the partying at the Magaluf yacht has ended, it is time to take the party to the next venue. Patrons of the Magaluf boat party, after going back on land, are immediately treated to an after-party at BCM, a first-rate club that is also quite large. There, the partying and celebration continues into the night until the wee hours of morning.

The Best Party Avenue To Meet New People

Magaluf MCP Boat Party MajorcaAs mentioned earlier, the Magaluf party yacht is quite huge and stands two stories high. The maximum capacity is up to two hundred and forty people. With that many people that can be housed, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle, socialize, and meet different folks from all walks of life.

It is not just the dancing, drinking and talking that will let you meet someone new. The Magaluf party experience includes in your package a host of games that will really get you in the mood to hang out with someone you just met.

It can be classic games that you may have played back in your childhood days with some level of twist and variation. There may also be some adult games that might play and tease at your innocence at the time, which of course never goes over the edge.

Alcohol definitely helps a bit at this point. Before you left port, you probably would have downed one to two cocktails. By the time the Magaluf yacht is in the middle of the ocean, everyone’s alcohol intake will most likely have elevated to party levels, thereby breaking social barriers and uniting all into a festive frenzy. Some of the most fascinating photos and videos in Magaluf boat parties are of people who just met there.

Sail, Enjoy The Great Mediterranean Blue

Magaluf Boat Party Barca Samba - Party GirlsNow what would be a boat party if there was no swimming right? The route of the Magaluf boat party takes you to the beautiful, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea which is one of the most loved seafaring destinations in the world. The white sandy beaches of Majorca with the crystal clear blue waters are just like paradise!

Nothing could be perhaps be more fun than a chance to leap into the cool and bright Mediterranean waters, calming yourself and forgetting meantime all the pressures and stress of the world you came from.

Magaluf Booze Cruise Boat Party Santa Ponsa
Boat parties from Santa Ponsa

Not only is the Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful body of water, it really has such a stunning view effect on anyone who has been there. As maritime navigation experts, the Magaluf yacht crew will steer and handle the boat in such a way that you will definitely get the opportunity to see the Mediterranean in all its glory at sunset.

All of you party and fun, the sun slowly phases down into the backdrop, seemingly disappearing while scattering beautiful crimson colours into the Spanish water. Definitely an excellent way to end the Magaluf boat experience!

The Magaluf boat party is one of the main venues of the famous teenage film, The Inbetweeners. Nearly everything portrayed in the film is true and accurate. This will be an experience you will find so extraordinary and special. A venture into a Magaluf boat party is something that will be engraved in your mind and in your heart forever.